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The Story of Farm Family & Friends

Welcome to Farm Family Friends. 
We sell home décor, holiday décor, and custom etched glassware that can all be customized for just the right person. 
A little about our family: we enjoy crafts, decorating, and especially doing all of this with our family and friends. We wanted this to be something that our family and friends could enjoy doing together. We also wanted something that could take us from our day job to a job that is fun and we wanted something that we could make and share with everyone and brighten everyone’s day. 
In 2016, I became a Girl Scout Leader for my daughter’s troop. I love getting to spend time with all of the children and seeing what they create. This has inspired me to start creating customized gifts for my family and friends.. Everyone loved receiving the gifts and was excited to see the next one. 
In 2020, we decided it was time to follow our dreams and go after our goals. We wanted something that our family could do together and create something that made us proud. This is important to us because it shows us how much our family believes in what we are doing and because it shows our children that they can believe in their dreams. 
Our relationships with our customers are special to us. We thrive everyday to make sure what we do is for our customers. We take pride in the items that we make whether they are ones that we have come up with or ones that our customers have inspired us to make. If we have inspired you please be sure to check out our blog, facebook group, and sign up for our membership to see what comes next, giveaways, and member only discounts!